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Monday, May 3, 2010

The trouble with blogging...

The trouble with blogging is that you never know who is going to read it. Ideally, as a blogger, you'd think I want readers. And I do. In fact when this thing gets in motion I think it will be a very important blog to maybe even a handful of people.

Why? Well, I plan to write about my experiences with borderline personality disorder and sometimes, more specifically, how my medication has helped but has also changed a part of me that I kind of miss. But, more on all that later.

For now, the issue is who will be reading this. Let's face it, sometimes a completely anonymous place to expose ourselves is attractive. I would censor a lot less of what I said if I were certain that nobody I knew would ever read it. At least not anyone who might be upset or slighted by what they read.

So, let's just say upfront that sometimes my perspective is skewed. Sometimes I can be self-centered in how I might recollect certain events. Sometimes I can be unfair in how I interpret the way people react to me. The truth is, I am not easy to live with. I do know that but, this blog is about how I feel. I know that my feelings are no gospel to be lived by but I need a place to express them nonetheless. This is that place.

If you recognize yourself in any posts, forgive me in advance if I do not represent you fairly. I thank you for that and for your love and support for me. Thanks again for reading and know that I love you all.

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