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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today has been a wonderful day. I don't feel that way often so I figured I should share it. I have an awful lot of negative that I am prone to share so I might as well try to balance it with some positive. Or maybe even practice focusing on the positive.

Back to today, it was wonderful. For the past few months I have been working part time at a preschool. This in addition to watching two children whom I have cared for for the last two and a half years. Well, Monday was the last day of preschool and the next couple of weeks will be my last with C and L. It's bittersweet because I have been able to stay at home with Ephram, he's had built in playmates and I really have attached myself to these two kiddos. No matter, the time has come for me to re-enter the world of full time work and this phase of life will come to an end.

Anyhow, having all that in mind, I have set out to enjoy these last days with all the kids here. So, today, we did just that. They get here in the morning and usually we watch some kids shows in the living room for a while. Today, we all piled onto the couches and watched together while I sipped my coffee for the better of an hour and a half.

They played for a while after that as I cleaned up the kitchen and made everyone's lunch. Two Nutella sandwiches and one jelly sammy, hole the peanut butter please. after they ate we put our shoes on and headed out for a quick trip to the bank. Everyone was excited thought because I had promised them we would go swimming when we returned.

And swim we did! I took all three kids down to the pool at our complex and we hung out there for about and hour and a half soaking up chlorine and vitamin d. It was lovely. The two older ones, Ephram and C, are fairly sturdy in the water with their floaties on. L gets nervous so mostly he clung to me. We paddled around and threw water toys at each other. It was fun.

Once we were nearly shriveled to death we headed back to the apartment. It was hot outside so coming into the air conditioned entry way was wonderful. We all got into our dry clothes, had a snack and two of the three fell asleep. Bonus! While they slept C watched something on Netflix and I worked on my bible study. It really was a perfect summer day. I even did a little laundry and it didn't seem like work at all.

Something else I am really excited about is starting in June at my church. We are connected to the Acts 29 network of churches and so we are now adopting a cool thing they do at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, which is like home base to Acts 29. Anyhow, they have a recovery program of sorts called Redemption Groups. I have been involved wtih Celebrate Recovery for a while and so I figured this was similar and went to the initial meeting to learn more about it.

To say that it is a recovery program is really a disservice because truly, it's not. The materials to go with the program are based on the premise that we are all worshipers and all of our problems have something to do with worship or idolatry. It is a very structured program but they way the groups are run really allow for the Holy Spirit to move and make the changes that God already wants to make. I am excited because although I love my step group at Celebrate Recovery, sometimes I feel like the emphasis is on how I can change rather than on the miraculous changes I believe God wants to do in me.

Not coincidentally I am also working on the "Believing God" bible study by Beth Moore. I am working on the section of homework that is titled "I Am Who God Says I Am." I so need to believe that. I want to be a living example of the redemptive work Christ can do not only in the heart, but IN MY MIND! I heard Beth Moore say once that of all the miracles she has seen God perform the greatest one has been the one he performed on her mind. Doesn't that excite you? I am believing God for that. For a miraculous transformation by the renewing of my mind. Amen.

So, here's to some more lazy summer days with all these kids. Here's to finding a job, sooner rather than later. Here's to Redemption Groups and Celebrate Recovery and all Jesus centered programs to promote healing in people. And here's to a great day. I needed one. Now I will go pour some of it out on James so he can have a great day too.

Much love!

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  1. Thanks so much for the link to your blog. It's so neat to get to know you a little better through it. My faith is refreshed by hearing what God is doing in your life. Even in the every day stuff.