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Monday, May 17, 2010

My introduction to Kurt Vonnegut

I started tutoring again. That's good news. Sort of. The scheduling is hectic and although it pays well hourly, I generally don't work as many hours as I might need to for the pay to make much of a difference.

Anyhow, I am reading Slaughterhouse Five with a student I am working with. He needs someone to discuss the book with him as he prepares for a school project around the text. It's a huge stretch for me because I tend to stick to self-help books and girly novels that make me feel good about life and love. This is not that kind of book. Not even a little.

I am hanging in there though. It's actually an entertaining read but that might be part of the problem. My heightened emotions can mean that "entertaining" is defined in a variety of ways. This book is currently entertaining my sullen and depressed side. I don't generally need help with that. Although, since I started taking the meds, I have complained that my emotions have become somewhat blunted so maybe I should look for literature of this sort. Something to stretch my emotions blunted by medication because my emotions were out of control. Sheesh.

In other news, I am currently looking for a job. Not just part time tutoring and such but, instead, a real job. Something that will pay me for the 4 years I poured into earning a degree. It's been so long I almost feel like it doesn't count. Like somehow I missed the opportunity to use it. Let's hope not.

Oh yeah, just found out that a friend is moving a couple of states away. Feeling pretty raw about that. It's happened a lot over the last couple of years. So much so that I am starting to really shy away from making new friends. I need some to stick around. At least one.

Okay, I am done pouting about that for now. Time to get back to reading the book that is scratching at my blunted emotions.

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