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Monday, May 10, 2010

Ephram's Birthday Weekend

I meant to blog Friday night. That's progress, you know, meaning to blog. Anyhow, James got me a room by myself for Mother's Day last Friday night. He brought me dinner, I brought a movie and some books.

The first thing I did was turn the TV on. Isn't that always the first thing? I started to flip through the channels and suddenly realized I could waste my entire night alone zoned out watching TV or I could actually do the things I say I never have time to do. Like read. So, I turned the TV off and opened my books.

At some point I decided to get online and write some on my blog. I turned on my laptop and waited for it to load so I could tap into the wireless network. Uh oh, no wireless. Yep, that's right, in a room less than a year old there was no wireless. Talk about crazy. So, anyhow, I never did get to the blog that night.

The next morning I came home to help James finish getting ready for Ephram's birthday party. Seemed so odd as I generally consider that type of thing mostly my job but he took charge and readied the apartment, baked the cupcakes and took care of the kids so I could have my night away. It was an amazing blessing.

We had six kids total for the swim party. I think this was the the first time Ephram really understood what it meant to have a birthday. He enjoyed every minute of it. We had planned to spend Mother's Day with some friends who also came to his party and they ended up forgetting his gift. When we arrived at their house on Sunday they gave him his gift and, thus, birthday weekend continued.

Today is his actual birthday so we brought some frosted animal cookies to school for snack and his friends all sang to him there. We, of course, also made him a special dinner tonight and he got another birthday balloon. At this point, as far as Ephram is concerned, birthdays last for at least a week. I guess when you're four they kind of do.

Most of all, the weekend was fun. I did have a little bit of an emotional meltdown last night but it was minimal compared to what it could have been. Definitely an improvement. Let's hope I can keep that up.

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