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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I got a job!

Some of you know that I recently decided to go back to work after four years of being at home with Ephram. My plan was to jump right back into teaching only, now, in a public school rather than private as I was teaching before. Private school doesn't pay nearly as much and, frankly, it wouldn't be worth it otherwise.

I set out to take my state test, which I passed. This was necessary in order to be granted "probationary certification" so that I could be hired. I planned to enter an alternative certification program that allowed me to finish the process and work as a teacher at the same time. Sounds good, right?

Not so fast. This year there are many experienced, certified teachers out of work, looking for a job. Suddenly my private school experience didn't gain me any leverage up against those coming out of a public school classroom. I began to realize that I might not get a job teaching this year and started looking at other positions, mainly sales.

In the meantime I noticed that a friend of mine posted a need for someone to do office work at her legal office. I responded that I would be interested and we set up a time to meet together. I went to her office and we chatted about the number of hours per week and pay rates and what not. We also discussed that it might turn into something more full time later. The situation sounded mutually beneficial to both of us and we agreed I would start Tuesday June 8th.

I am so excited. First of all the woman I will be working with is someone I really respect and enjoy being around. We worked together in some networking situations and it went well. I think it will be a good fit. The other thing is that I have always been interested in law. In fact, when I first moved to the Houston area I briefly
considered going to law school. Needless to say, this opportunity was a really good match.

Here is the crazy part. (I told you this blog would be crazy sometimes.) Anyhow, a week or so ago I got a message through Facebook from my older sister. I hadn't seen or heard from her in 20 or so years. We have the same father but different mothers. Reconnecting has been fun and we are learning about each other as we go, trying to catch up after all these years.

Back to the crazy part. She studied English Literature in college, has always thought of getting her credential to teach but presently works in a law office. Oh yeah, that's the part I left out, I taught high school English. Isn't that weird. It's like one of those shows where siblings are reunited and they have lived somewhat parallel lives. I found it interesting to say the least.

More on all this another time. Glad to have this chance to go back to work and use some of my skills again. Should be fun.

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