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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things to be thankful for...

There are a couple of people in my life today who are having a rough time. The details don't really matter but suffice it to say that I have been where both of them are and hate feeling the way I know they feel. This causes me to be thankful today, which is something I forget to be most of the time. To celebrate, I decided to write a little list of things I am thankful for. Here it is.

1. Food, particularly good food which I have been blessed with the talent to create.
2. Teenage sons who don't mind hanging out at home sometimes.
3. Being a place that my kids friends know they can come to if they need it.
4. The friends my kids have. They are not all good but there are a few gems in there that I am grateful God has blessed them with.
5. The law. Not that I could ever live under it from a biblical sense, but I love the law that governs and rules our state and our country. It thrills me to know that there is a standard by which we measure right and wrong and I am thrilled to be learning it.
6. Career changes and the excitement these changes bring.
7. Hair color. I would look A LOT older than I am if I let my gray grow out.
8. Days off. As much as I enjoy going to my new job, I very much enjoyed the day off today to do nothing.
9. Jesus, mostly I am thankful for His love and sacrifice for me and I pray I can be counted worthy enough to glorify his name.

That's all I can think of right now although I know there is so much more. Be praying for my friends, for this time in their lives to pass quickly and for them to not be too wounded that they can't let God do a new thing in place of this pain.


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