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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break

Well here we are in the middle of Spring Break and although I have thoroughly enjoyed our staycation (we haven't left the apartment since Sunday) I guess I am getting a little restless and wanting to do something creative with my time. I've brainstormed and searched through Pinterest and even checked out a couple of sights for crafts for kids for something I could do with Ephram only to come up with nothing so far. Maybe this warrants a trip to Hobby Lobby.

Usually when I am feeling creative I end up in the kitchen. I do love to cook and nothing makes me feel better than serving up something delicious for my family. However, lately I just haven't been that inspired in the kitchen. I find myself making the same things over and over again and when I sit down to plan our menus I end up putting those same things on the list. Ah well.

I used to scrapbook. I think everyone used to scrapbook. The problem with that is that was before all my pictures were on my phone. I actually have some pretty extreme guilt about this because I have photos upon photos of Cal and DJ when they were little and some of those photos even made their way into said scrapbooks. But for Ephram...nothing. Very few actual photos and not a single one of those have been scrapped. Needless to say, this creative bent I'm on won't lead me to the scrapbooks.

It did lead me here again though. I've been saying that I wanted to blog more and maybe in fact I will. I have some ideas of this I'd like to write about and share so if they can keep my attention for more than two minutes then they just might show up here.

For starters, I have several lists running in my head that might be mildly entertaining for some, or maybe just myself, anyhow, that's one idea. The other idea that I have is a bit more sentimental but appropriate I think because I tend to have a really hard time expressing my appreciation for the people in my life unless it's through writing. That being said, I have decided to write a series of letter to some of those people and post them on here. Nothing that would break confidence of course but my way of letting them know how I feel about them. Some of these letters will be addressed directly to the person they are written to, others might be a bit more anonymous to protect the interests of others involved. Again, nothing too shady I promise, just trying to be respectful of what others might want to keep private.

Other than trying to write to those closest to me first, they will come in no particular order, just as I think of a person and find that I have something (hopefully meaningful) to communicate to them. I will share these letters in different ways depending on the person. Some I will simply direct to the blog, some I will sit down with at my computer and have them read it in my presence, others still I might read to them or even print our and put in a card. I will force myself to share these letters because so often I write the encouraging positive things I have to say and only voice my negative criticisms. These letters will give me a chance to pour in where I might have previously dug a hole of discouragement and disrespect or just plain "cut to the core" harshness I am often known for.

Pray for me as I set out to do this. I have a habit of starting these projects and then losing interest fairly quickly. I desperately want to avoid this as I think it's super important for me to find the time to write these letters. I want to share the tender parts of my heart with people who often have to deal with my moodiness and agitation that comes along with who I am. I want to share something else with them and maybe learn to do that more, in person, face to face. One can only hope.

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