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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's been a while...

It's been some time since I posted on here. I haven't forgotten you all but it just seems that when I have something important to blog, I have no time to blog it. Such is life.

School has started again. At least for the older boys. Oddly, I have two high schoolers but a two different high schools. We are zoned for a new school that just opened but it opened with only 9th and 10th grade so, although my 9th grader is going there, my 11th grader will stay at the other high school. It's been interesting as they are both involved in their own activities and we are doing a lot of running around to get them back and forth. However, I am glad they are involved so I don't mind too much.

Ephram starts preschool tomorrow which means I will start working regular hours again. I am looking forward to the routine and getting more experience in the law office. I am still enjoying that a ton and looking forward to learning more as I go.

We have been cooking a lot, as usual. It's a bonding time for us here. Although school has taken over my dining room table so we do most of our eating picnic style on the living room floor. We do manage to turn the TV off so there's at least that but I need to get more organized so we can be back at the table regularly again. I am not sure what will inspire me this weekend but if I remember too, I will share it with you all.

I am enjoying school although it is more challenging than I expected. And staying at home for the last 4 years has not really done much for my writing skills. I am getting back into the groove though.

We have a had peaceful season around here. It's been nice but I tend to get more and more anxious the longer the calm goes on. Something about not really believing that things will stay that way I guess. It's been good though and I think I am learning to talk more about the emotional roller coaster I tend to live on rather than letting those emotions take me for a ride. Keep this in your prayers as I long to grow in this area more and more.

That's all for now. Drop me a comment if you want and let me know how things are going for you. I would love to hear!

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